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Space Planning

  • New office space?
  • Want to move to a more agile modern environment?
  • Need more meeting space but not meeting rooms?
  • Want to reduce your desk to staff ratio?
  • Do you need to fit in more staff but don’t know if you have enough space?
  • Do you just fancy a new layout to freshen up your workplace?
  • Do you feel cluttered?
  • Does the layout feel disorganised?
  • Are you stuck in a rut with your current office space?
  • Unsure how much furniture you have space for?
  • Don’t have the budget to relocate?

Space planning is simply having an expert eye look at your workplace to optimise space, find furniture and a layout to work for you. The end result is efficient use of your existing office space. All you have to do is:


Provide overall measurements of the current space


Position of Doors, windows, permanent fixings and fixtures


An idea of what you need to put in the space

What we do is:


Provide you with an electronic floor plan with recommended layout (and visualisation if necessary)


Recommend suitable furniture and prices to meet your brief


Deliver and install

It is:

  • Simpler
  • Costs less, and
  • Is more beneficial than you might think

For large and complicated products, please enquire about our onsite space planning service.


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